Island Trip or Tour $75

The marine park of Chiriquí
is part of the second largest coral reef in the pacific ocean. Unfortunately is being under a lot of stress for the last 10 years.
This fascinating marine park hosts big species such as Humpback Whales, Giant Manta, Green Turtle, Whale Sharks, Hammer Head Sharks, Bull Sharks and more…
This beautiful ecosystem is one of the “most wanted” locations to visit if you are into “Paradise Beaches and Adventure”. This group of 68 islands have white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Snorkeling is included and a small menu for “brunch”.



  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: (4/10)  (children friendly)
  • Price: $75.°° p/p
  • Includes: Cooler with water and ice tea, snacks, brunch, fruit, mask and snorkel (no flippers)
  • Transportation time: 1 hour and 45 min each way /  Water Taxi Time: 40 min each way.
  • What to bring: towel, flip flops, sun block, hat, sun glasses, shorts.
  • What NOT to bring: long pants, running shoes or sneakers, leather material. (Smoking is not allowed)

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